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Bejay combines deep listening and intuition, reiki healing, jinsinjitsu and the energy of the African bush to enable you to connect deeper and facilitate you in whatever healing may be necessary. Intuitive healing with Bejay is somewhere between seeing a life-coach, a guru and a dear friend.

One on one sessions only



This work is my calling, and my life’s work has been to learn and heal. From being a reiki master with over 20 years experience to my work as jinshinjitsu practitioner, I bring together all my experiences in service of this healing journey. My intuition has been nourished an enhanced through having had the privilege of living and working as a healer at Londolozi in the African bush.

I have cultivated this deep connection with my intuition and use it to help you tap into your inner knowing and strength.

Intuition is being recognised as a powerful and credible way of understanding ourselves, each other and the world we live in. In my healing work the mind no longer rules the body, but your deepest intuition becomes your truthful guide.

I have an incurable curiosity and wonderlust and have been privileged to have had the opportunity to explore and train in multiple healing modalities which I bring and apply to each unique person. From my qualification as a reiki master, to my Jin Shin Jytsu practice, to my my work with Byron Katie, to the retreats that I facilitate, to chi gong using tarot and other systems of divination to explore archetypes and consciousness, and a refined understanding of how elemental matter like crystals can influence and heal. Colour therapy engages the eneregtic frequency of colours to enable balance and harmony.
Every day I look forward to the next healing modlity I can engage and learn from. In the right therapeutic relationship in which trust has been established I love to bring to life unique combinations of these techniques in my therapy.


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